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Christmas in Thong Nai Pan

A favourite destination in Thailand to spend Christmas is Thong Nai Pan. The backpackers and those looking to party generally head for Thong Nai Pan Yai, and families and those wanting the best accommodation tend to choose Thong Nai Pan Noi.

For those living in the West where the winters are long and bitter, and indeed those battling a Russian winter there is something special about being able to walk down the beach on Christmas day in your swimming shorts or bikini, feel the warmth on your back and go for a dip in the sea.

Perhaps in the past the choice was between a traditional Christmas with family and friends at home or a holiday in the sun but lacking a Christmas feel. This is less the case nowadays. For a start Thong Nai Pan is very much a family friendly beach location. Many families travel to Thong Nai Pan to celebrate Christmas. They might not bring all their presents with them, but they nevertheless mark the day with celebrations. Naturally to increase the family atmosphere it is a good idea to rent a private villa like Sunrise Villa so that the family can stay together in a more homely environment.

Several of the hotels and resorts in both Thong Nai Pan throw compulsory Christmas dinners of varying quality and value. Lots of people enjoy the holiday feeling at these dinners; others prefer to choose their own dinner spot.

For ex-pats it is often the case that somebody offers to arrange a Christmas lunch and everyone chips in.

In the 1990s it was a struggle to replicate a traditional turkey lunch with all the trimmings. Nowadays, the shops in Thongsala carry an excellent range of imported goods from which to put together a really decent Christmas lunch. Having traditional food with a group of loved ones helps to make Christmas in Thong Nai Pan a special occasion.

And then of course there is the soft white sand, the clear blue sky, the luxuriant green of the jungle and the stunning natural beauty. It is a fantastic place to enjoy an end-of-the-year holiday. The weather and the laid back atmosphere of the two beaches make Thong Nai Pan a great spot to unwind after a hectic December getting all the work done before the holidays.

As well as sunbathing on the beach and around a pool to relax, there are several great masseuses to work those tight muscles. Santhiya, Rasananda and Panviman have exclusive spas with a range of products. For those looking for something less expensive there is the highly recommended Tanaporn Massage House in Thong Nai Pan Noi.

Those wanting to reach out to people still at home both beaches have plenty of wifi hotspots. Sunrise Villa has its own dedicated wifi box that is capable of supporting Skype phone calls. The same is true of many of the internet connections in Thong Nai Pan, although the bigger mid-range and budget resorts tend not to lay on enough bandwidth to meet everyone’s needs. Not to worry there are plenty of internet cafes with reasonable rates and good connections.

Not everyone wants a back-home style Christmas on the beach. And of course not everyone is Christian. Thong Nai Pan offers great weather, plenty of restaurants with delicious food, plenty of bars to enjoy a few drinks, shops, spas and more to distract. For the adventurous, there is jet skiing, trekking, elephant trekking, diving, mountain biking and more both in Thong Nai Pan and in Koh Phangan.

For the night animals there is the Christmas version of the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. Now with the concreted road between Ban Tai and Thong Nai Pan it is easy to either catch a taxi or drive to nearly anywhere on the island. Lots of people choose to stay at Thong Nai Pan for Christmas and then head out to the party in Haad Rin for the night.

For those preferring to party in Thong Nai Pan there is usually a bit of nightlife to enjoy. Spots to check out include Game Bar, Nu Bar, Flip Flop and Funky Buddha in Yai and Bamboo, Better Than Sex, Luna, La Hacienda and Jip Shop in Noi. For sports fans there are several bars with satellite channels where you can catch Premier League footie, F1 etc.

For parents with children the beach offers great entertainment. The beaches of Thong Nai Pan have ideal swimming conditions. The water is usually calm and always warm. There aren’t any dead corals in the sand to worry about and the sea bed doesn’t drop off quickly. You can paddle or swim. You can hire a kayak and paddle around. You can also find places offering boat tours to take the kids to great snorkeling spots in Koh Phangan. Kids just love beaches and they will especially love Thong Nai Pan.

In short Christmas in Thong Nai Pan can provide a variety of different experiences; you can enjoy the special day in the way you want. After all isn’t that what holidays are meant to be like?

Rooms, villas and bungalows fill up quickly for Christmas. Few people leave it to chance to just turn up and hope to get a room. This is the peak season in Koh Phangan and Thong Nai Pan. For this reason prices tend to be high. Sunrise Villa offers some of the most competitive prices for Christmas and New Year stays.

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